Saturday, 14 April 2012

I ain't missing [me] at all

Well, since I last posted on here so many things have changed.
I tried the whole spontaneity thing and it kinda worked. The only thing is, is that I am best at being spontaneous when it involves food or meeting people. I have done that plenty of times since February and I am so glad that I did because I've learnt that I like myself better when I don't constantly have a plan and that you learn so much about other people. I've also learnt that the best nights out are those that end up happening on a whim. I wasn't disappointed, not once!
Another way that spontaneity enriched my life over these last few weeks has been when my sister, lets call her Ms. Adventure, came home from America. She only told my mom and one of my other sisters that she was coming home. So she was able to proceed and scare the s**** out of everyone! The week after she arrived home I'd taken holidays (not knowing she was arriving) and was planning to do day trips out of Dublin and visit all the museums. However, with her arrival I spent a fantastic week at home with my family. I suppose that was the biggest lesson that I learnt from my spontaneity trial - let things happen and don't be afraid of adjusting your plans. So I would like to tell Mademoiselle Awesome that her challenge was inspiring and successful.

So another thing that has changed is my hair. So here is a story that travels back into the aeons: I was a girl with short hair for many, many years. Every time I tried to grow it out it grew up and up, out and out. Sometimes it looked like I had my own personal "hair shadow" following me around wherever I went. However, after several failed attempts, in 2000 I stuck with it. By the following year the hair that grew up and up, fell down and down. Once it started to fall down, I kept letting it grow only getting it trimmed when I absolutely had to. In the end it was about half-way down my back and extremely thick. I was challenged in college by a friend called Blessed to make a change. She did suggest getting my hair coloured but I refused (and still do) to change that. So she suggested layers and so from 2006 to 2012, for the most part, my hair fluctuated between layered and not! I did play with fringes (or bangs for my American readers) once or twice but they never really worked out. This year one of my sisters, Mshystery, challenged me to put my hair in the hairdressers hands. I refused. Then my other sister, Mademoiselle Awesome, also challenged me to do something with my hair. I went to the hairdressers the week before Paddy's day. When I sat down, I still didn't know if I had the guts to get the usual or to trust the hairdresser. She asked me "So what do you want done today?" I froze for about 10 seconds and then blurted out : "I don't know!" .....and I have a bob!

Another thing that has changed is my future...I'm not sure yet where it is going to bring me but it promises to hold many challenges and much excitement. I should know how my life will change by the end of next until then I bid you adieu and you might think I'm  mad but I ain't missing [the old] me at all!.

The title of this post was inspired by John Waites' "Missing you".

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