Friday, 30 August 2013

The budding celebrity!

A friend of mine, Swaglu, recently was asked to do an interview in Korean because she is a foreign girl who attends the local boxing gym. She has excellent Korean, so she was more than happy to comply! The interview was in a local Sejong newspaper.

Swaglu, like me is a TEFL teacher and, in fact, we both teach advanced classes for gifted students at the same school. Swaglu is very determined, talented and full of ideas, one of which is to create a website for Sejong teachers. I will be working with her on this endeadvour so her new found celebrity can only put this challenge in the limelight!

Check it out:

Congrats and well done, Swaglu!
Swaglu and I exploring Jochiwon - Photo courtesy of Swaglu

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