Sunday, 25 August 2013

I'm glad I "was homeward bound".

On August 2nd at 5 minutes to midnight, I boarded the plane "a ticket for my destination" in hand - I was finally homeward bound after 14 months living in Korea. The weeks coming up to going back to Ireland were hectic with finishing school for the semester and busying myself for a week of camp before I could start my holidays.

In my head, I had lots of plans for who I would see and what I would do. I didn't do half of either! For someone who normally likes to plan a little ahead I didn't this time beyond a few emails out to friends to tell them I'd be in town and would try to see them. Instead I let home be a place "where my thought's escaping, [...] where my music's playing [and] where my [family] lies waiting". I did get to see people and do some activities but mostly, I hung out with my family, drinking tea, watching movies and tv shows, chatting, singing (off key of course) and playing with my nephew. I introduced my family to my favourite board game, Settlers of Catan, and I had dinners, lunches and teas with friends and family.

It was nice to just relax and have fun. To fall back into a routine that would have been my weekends when I lived there. The best thing though was making every little trip or walk with my nephew into an adventure - whether it was visiting aunts and uncles or cycling around the Phoenix Park. Having a 2 year old in your life means that everything is a ton of fun even playing hide and seek or making sure he doesn't bump into something hot as he stretches across the table to grab his sandwich. So, together with his parents and the rest of my family I had more adventures in two relaxing weeks home that I probably have had in all my time in Korea!

So you might think I'm mad to view that two rather relaxing week as adventurous and you might think I'm mad to have not used my time more wisely. However, I'm rather glad that I spent two weeks of mini-adventures as it has given me a new idea to make life more interesting and fun - if you look at the world through a two year old's eyes and view everything as an adventure - how much more exciting is your life?

So while I may not be homeward bound for quite a while, I am going to let my trip home and all my wonderful friends and family inspire me to make life in Korea a series of adventures.

 PS This post was inspired by Simon and Garfunkel's "Homeward Bound" and by two wonderful weeks at home.

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