Wednesday, 28 December 2011

There's some change coming in...

There comes a time in everyone's life where you realise that you've let your life slip away without you ever really noticing it. For me, this has been a slow realisation over the last year or so, and more particuarly over the last few months.

One of my sisters' motto in life is “Live, laugh, love” and for years she has been telling me that I need to “TO LIVE”. You can tell by the way she says it, she's saying it in the biggest capitals that there are in the world! After many years of avoiding the issue, I've decided to finally take her advice. Over the coming months, I want to prove to myself, my family and my friends that I can LIVE, take risks and challenge myself. This blog will hopefully be my commitment to myself that if I put my mind, heart and soul to this challenge, I can LIVE.

The idea for this blog came from a book called “It Started with a Kiss” by Miranda Dickinson that I got as a gift from my aunt and uncle. Whilst the main reason for the protaganist to start a blog is because she is trying to find the man who kissed her (and, people, this is NOT my reason! ), the secondary reason was that she is turning 29 and in the last year of her 20s. THIS is my reason.

I turned 29 today, 28th December. As everyone knows life throws some knocks along the way – these do make you stronger if you face up to them but as, those who know me well know, I tend to let them take over! Over the last year I have started to tackle them head on and as a result, you may think I'm mad but because of this journey I have realised that I've let my life slip away for tooooooooo long. It is time for CHANGE.

Welcome to my journey!

PS..The title was inspired by the song "There's a coach coming in..."


  1. Well I support you whole heartedly. I'm excited about your new journey! Life does have a way of slipping by, but there is no better time than NOW to grab it by the reigns and enjoy the ride. Furthermore, I think secretly you are searching for that kiss or the man that will give the most enduring kiss you've ever experienced. Lol. Okay, maybe not but you never know who or what you will discover on your new journey. Best wishes and happy exploration!

  2. Why thank you, Blessed! Perhaps, perhaps...he just has to kiss me first! You're great and thank you for all the encouragement!

  3. You're off to a great start! I'll be reading!!!

  4. Thanks, Brittany! I have to say I LOVE urs! I keep laughing!


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